Tania Scroggie

It is hard to utter the reasons and joy that a Stoic life brings. It is not easy to explain what it means to have been chosen by those giants of the past to be their companion.

In one way, life has not changed since I started practising Stoicism. I continue to live it, walk it, and trip on it.

On the other hand, Stoicism has completely changed. It is I, with a computer upgrade.

It is the same aging hardware with a better operating system.

I began my journey after my mother’s passing to breast cancer. Her death triggered my divorce and a trip around the world.

It was not until the Academy of European Arts and Culture introduced me to the Stoics that my life changed. Suddenly I found a place where I belonged. I had a circle of friends who were wise, kind, hard workers, with a different emotional and intellectual understanding of the rules and laws of life.

If I think of the value of gratitude and a worthy education, I think of Marcus Aurelius.

If I grieve or get angry, I run to Seneca.

If I think myself not worthy, I pick up my courage from Epictetus.

A life brainstorming session? There is no one better at it than Plato and Socrates.

Who protects my heart? The Buddha, The Christ, Mervyn Brady, Rainer Maria Rilke, etc.

I’m Tania Scroggie and this is my #PathsToFlourishing story.

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This is a #PathsToFlourishing story published as part of a series of stories inspired by the Stoicon-x Women 2021 theme: Practical Paths to Flourishing.

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